Rose Peterson Myers
Echoes In Time - Fine Art Studio
I have two wonderful Son's and and Daughter-in- laws, and a Daughter.
From them I have 4 beautiful grandchildren, two boys and two girls.
I have been a Registered Nurse all my adult life. One of my jobs was as a "Visiting Nurse" for Sutter Lakeside Hospital, in Lake County, CA. I would drive around the beautiful country side, treating patients in their homes. This was a wonderful job, that included all the things I enjoy,such as teaching, nursing, case mangement and of course, the wonderful patients.
I took a zillion photographs of the old barns, water birds, and country side. They are wonderful reference material and sweet memories.
In June 2012 I retired and have been very busy playing since!
Life Is Full!
My Journey into Art   
In 1994, I contracted an auto immune disorder that took some time to correctly diagnose. I was in extreme pain. My limbs, muscles and nervous system didn't function properly, and I became allergic to every pain medicine known to man.
While my arms were in casts for yet another related episode, the Occupational Therapist attempted to keep my arm and wrist strength up by various exercises. One of the things she brought for me to do was paints and brushes. She was a Decorative Artist, and insisted I could paint, despite my loud objections, that I was completely NOT artistic. She taught me decorative strokework.
An amazing thing happened. I found that by painting, I could escape most of the pain! I was able to use painting as a meditation practice and disassociate from my body pain. I began to like painting, spending many sleepless nights with my brushes.
When I was better, I signed up for a Decorative Art class and became an obsessive painter. If it didn't move, I painted it! In the Fall of 1999, while at a Decorative Art convention, I painted my first watercolor and fell in love with the medium.
Since that time, I have had the privilege of studying with many accomplished Artists, such as Jean Grasdorf, Arleta Pech, Jim Kosvanec, Nancy Collins, Cheng Khee Chee, Erin Dertner, Patricia Osborne, Birgit O'Connor, Lian Zhen, Frank Francesee, John Finger, Mary Spires, Norma Dennison, Denise Kellog, Sandra Delehanty, and many others.
I have the privilege to live in an area which has an amazing number of talented Artists. It is also located in wonderful proximity to art colonies in the San Francisco Bay area, Mendocino Coast, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.,
Because I have such a curious mind, I always want to try something new. I just have to try it for a while. Sometimes it stays a favorite leisure activity (or obsession!) and often I try it, and cross that activity off my "bucket list".
You may find me dabbling in textile arts, millenary (I love those lovely period hats, and have had to learn to restore them). Along the way, I have made some, too.) and jewelry fabrication. (My current obsession is chain maille jewelry and metal smithing.)
I am having so much fun!
I hope you enjoy viewing my work, and albums.
If anything catches your eye, I would love for you to enjoy it in your home.
About Me
I am so very fortunate.
My studio is in Mendocino County, CA, surrounded by a heavily wooded forest with redwood trees and a branch of the Russian River running through it. Beauty and inspiration are abundant.
My partner, Roger, puts up with last minute meals, unfolded laundry, and plenty of frenzy   before a show or deadline. And he does it without a fuss! He doesn't complain when I ask him to help, lift, lug, and deliver. He encourages me and is my favorite critic.
Last updated 09/01/2012
Rose & Roger In Venice looking out at the Acadameia Bridge and Grand Canal